03 March 2012

Where The Lord of the Rings movies meet metal

What do you get when you put great metal music to scenes of the films of The Lord of the Rings? ABSOLUTE EPICNESS!!!!!!!!

Some days ago, and thanks to Indil, I discovered one the most incredible and fascinating channels in youtube: Darth Aphrodite's channel. She gets scenes of Peter Jackson's LotR films, and blends it with the best metal music that fits them! Isn't this just great? Each video is the product of hard work and dedication, and it's truly a feat to admire and praise!

First of all, let's watch these scenes with the completely matching song, Twilight Tavern, by one of my favorite bands, Ensiferum! It's outstanding how the images match the music: the battles, the warriors, the grief of death, the celebration of victory (Merry and Pippin have a really good time!) The song itself makes you want to yell out the chorus, but with these images.... aww, perfection! And as Darth Aphorite suggests... watch Gandalf at 3:39 …. ;)

Their warrior's souls forever rejoice
With our ancestors we raise our horns
Their warrior's swords forever shine on
Welcoming our brothers at the break of dawn!

Then we have one of the most merriest, most catchy songs: Korpiklaani's Vodka. It is impossible not to dance or drink or smile with this song, I mean, even old Gandalf dares to dance (0:51). It goes along perfectly with the cheerfulness of the Hobbits, and with the nice couple of Gimli and Legolas! You really feel awesome watching this video! And don't forget to watch the end of the video, after the song ends!

The next song is of a different kind: it is Haggard's Tales of Ithiria, but as Anna (the uploader) called the video, Tales of Middle-earth. A very beautiful song, matched with these beautiful images, produce a treasure. As the user “symphom” writes in the comments: You have created a homage for Haggard and for LotR”. Théoden unable to see, and wrapping his fingers around his sword Herugrim, Boromir's last battle, Aragorn's last words to Boromir, matching the piano, the violin, and the moving singing.... simply breathtaking! Magical song, with such a video! I went to a Haggard concert one week ago, they should of played this video in the background! EXCELLENT job! Really, the video with the matching of the lyrics is impressive.

Then we have once again Ensiferum and one of their best songs: From Afar. What else can I say: MAGNIFICENT! The Uruk-hai screaming, the ravens, the little creature speaking to Gandalf (in Quenya he is called Olórin, and “olor” means dream), the Ring's prophecy, ...Gandalf's mighty light...it would take forever to comment on the entire video. Again I must say: magnificent job, epic as nothing else is!

Finally, the band of bands, the Bards of Metal, Blind Guardian, with their song, Lord of the Rings. But this is not a normal video, it is not like the others, it is one of a kind... She gets the scenes from the movies, with Blind Guardian's majestic song, but she also adds live scenes from Blind Guardian's concert at the Blind Guardian Open Air Festival, published in their DVD Imaginations through the Looking Glass! I will not comment more about this video, just watch It, and behold perfection. There are just no words to describe what It conveys....just watch It, and thank Anna, with all your heart, for creating this and the above MASTERPIECES! Спасибо, AHHA!

So thus ends this entry, where The Lord of the Rings movies meet metal, with the best synchonization possible. And don't forget to visit Anna's channel, you can find other videos with Star Wars movies, with music from bands such as Nightwish, Epica, Gamma Ray, among others.

And thanks again, Anna, Arda is a better place because of you. Hantalë.


  1. Hey!!!

    Well, you're right, these are all great, I never really stop on videos clip with images, but I don't feel have lot my time watching it.
    Well, there are many are exemples, Into The Battle of Ensiferum (that's my favorite band, or one of them you know) is great too, or Battle Song, with scenes of LOTR or, 300. This film is not good, but funny and prefectly epic for songs of metals, like ensiferum.

    So, great job!!!

    El Suizo

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