17 March 2012

Some Middle-earth humour

I post some very funny (in my opinion) images relating to Middle-earth. They deal with several topics, but for some strange reason, Gandalf appears in most of them! :) I of course just gathered the images, I saw them on facebook on friend's posts, or facebook groups, or even from the Eluveitie forum! Thanks to all of the people who posted them! Probably when I know of more and I have enough, I'll post them too. There are a lot of gags abroad, but not all of them are good, tolkien-inspiration standard good!

It may be that the image is too slow so if you want you could right click on the image and open it in another window.

 regarding Megaupload (the image cannot be viewed correctly, so the link to it is http://imgur.com/gallery/4096B:

 when I correct again a physics exam, for sure I will have this:

This one is not funny, but it is the most beautiful dress ever made:



  1. El vestido sí lo había visto, pero el resto no. El del exémenes la leche, si soy profesor alguna vez me hago uno igual jajaja. Lo malo es que no se lee alguno por el tamaño.


  2. Hum, the idea of drinking-mode LOTR is good, i will do it one of these days!