28 April 2012

Tengwar - Tolkien Folk Metal from Argentina

Tengwar is a metal band from Argentina, founded in 2003, who, as the name suggests, bases its lyrics on Tolkien's works. The band has two EPs and one full-length album, which was released last year: The Halfling Forth Shall Stand.

Their current lineup, according to their facebook page, is the following:

Thorvi: Vocals, Iberian lute and hurdy-gurdy
Fërin: Drums and percussion
Tryzwen:  Bass
Halatir: Guitars, additional lead and backing vocals
Khâli: Galician bagpipes and recorders
Feredur: Fiddle, mandolin and bodhran
Graëwyn: Recorders. flute, tin whistles and crumhorn

The band's name is after the alphabet Tengwar (which literally means "letters"), devised by Fëanor during the First Age. More information about the alphabet Tengwar you can find in here.

Their album The Halfling Forth Shall Stand. has 15 tracks, and was released in 2011. The songs follow the plot of the first volume of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. By reading the band members and their instruments, you can get an idea on how the band sounds, they combine a lot of flute playing with excellent violin playing, a high-pitched male voice, drums, occasional growling, etc. It's a long album, 66 minutes of music, though it is very enjoyable. More information about the violin playing, in this nice Volins in Metal blog.

Their first EP is called The Pilgrim's March, released in 2005, and it contains two tracks: Marching South, and The Pilgrim's Gone. 

In 2008 they released their second EP called Tengwesta Quendion, containing 5 tracks of which Namarië is definitely a highlight, though it was not included in their full-length album. The other songs include Tengwar, Bear Skin, Trotto, and Visions of Mortality.

Finally, in 2011 they released The Halfling Forth Shall Stand. 

1. Return of the Shadow
2. A Long Expected Fading
3. The Halfling's Rise
4. War Begins
5. Marching South    
6. Snow and Defeat
7. The Password
8. A Dwarf Sings in the Dark
9. Fire and Shadow Defied
10. The Pilgrim's Gone
11. In the Land of the Golden Trees
12. Farewell
13. The Swan
14. Uruks
15. The Bearer's Choice

My favorite songs are The Pilgrim's Gone, War Begins and The Bearer's Choice, short instrumental songs, like The Halfling's Rise, and Uruks, an excellent instrumental song that reminds me of Folkearth's Instrumental.

This is a live footage of Uruks, awesome song, for the album version, go here. Watch their energy and awesome performing!

I hope you enjoy this band, they deserve our admiration. And as always, if you like the band, support it and buy their cd!

07 April 2012

Ridiculous comes short

If you ever thought that there was no way to link The Lord of the Rings with something as horrible as the Backstreet Boys... you were WRONG!!!

Have a look at this video, and laugh! :D