25 November 2013

My "Hobbit" movie review published in Mallorn

"Well, I'm back".

After 8 months of inactivity, I shall return to write in my blog. I apologize for my absence, but I was completely focused in my university studies. I hope I can post at least two new entries next December.

But while that happens, I just wanted to share some fantastic news that happened this year: 
 My "Hobbit" movie review, which I wrote almost a year ago, was published in Mallorn, the Tolkien Society's Journal this May 2013. 

Mallorn 54 had a section dedicated exclusively for movie reviews, so I sent my review and gladfully it was accepted. I even received a physical copy of the journal because I was a contributor ^^. I must thank Henry Gee, the editor of Mallorn, for accepting my review and for sending me a copy. 

My name in the Tolkien's Society Journal? I am truly speechless, it's definitely a dream that became true. I hope this is not the last time a piece of writing of mine is published in this journal. 

I share a few pictures of the journal:

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